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missing my urge for blogging

I should type 2000 more words for marketing right know, but yeah procrastination everywhere. so I think it will be better to store some moments in this electronic kind of journal instead of wandering around the kitchen.

well, I just scrolling in my ig feed when I found a picture from the movie New Year’s Eve. it gives me a thought about some moments from my night on New Year’s Eve in London. It was somehow indescribable.

we arrived too early in the Westminster bridge and looking for the best spot to see the fireworks. we kept seeing people with many kind of attributes with ‘happy new year’ on their head. most of them are looking weird but there is this gay couple who wear a cool silver and gold hat pairing with the ‘2013’ glasses on the same color. I asked them where I can get the same hat as theirs. turns out, they brought it from Chicago. It was not only us who has interest on their hat, in results, they keep lending their props to people and taking picture together. so were we! they really are such a friendly couple. seems like they travel a lot, they even been to Bali. and they flew thousand miles from US looking for the splendor of London’s fireworks will show.

we took a walk a few yards to take a closer picture of London eye. and there is this group of lassies that keep photobombing in our pictures. it was fine though. they were just having fun and too excited in welcoming the new year.

in the other side, we found a group of Syrians singing their national anthem song (I think) while waving their flag with ‘freedom’ written on it. it was already quite crowded. their noise began to attract people attention. some just smiled, some put on confused look, some enjoyed the show, and some also showed displeasure. what kinda amazed me that after a while, it looked like that some other Syrians (my another guess) appeared from any direction and surround the group. some of them joined the singing but some didn’t do anything just gave a support by being with them. what a scene.

as Big Ben pointed to 07.00 pm, the mass already filled up the bridge. it was such a  long wait. we’re looking for something to be teased because we couldn’t move anywhere. I put some jokes on a couple I’ve seen around the crowd in Indonesian language, gave us hoots of laughter as I said ‘I hope none can understand our joke’. a second later, I heard a voice asking ‘dari mana?’ from the guy who was popped up out of nowhere. we were totally surprised to have this Indonesian guy overheard us from beginning. I felt shame but try to put a poker face and friendly introduced ourselves. apparently, he came to London for visit. his parents working for the embassy. and that time he was looking for his younger sister who lost in the crowd when he overhearing our conversation in Bahasa. so I don’t think he had heard the jokes in the first place haha. it was a short talk because later he asked for permission to look for his sister. the last time we saw him, he was swallowed up by the crowd while busy making a phone call.

We really couldn’t bear being in motionless mode for long hours. we kept joking around and evilly laughing. we were not that bad trust me. but I think our attitude caught the attention of people around us, till a middle aged man approached us and said that we were such a happy lassies. we just told him that we need that to killing the time. not long after that, I found and old man with a baby carrier on his back. he was standing right beside me, and I just couldn’t resist to not make a face for the baby. after some time, the family started sitting down and so were we. we looked like one big family sitting in the middle of the crowd and playing with Samuel—the baby, while flirting with his older brother. am kidding but he is surely cute tho. the helicopter started buzzing around and the voice from the sky kept asking us to yell as the giant speakers began to play the music. people having a party and so do we. I looked at this family and admire their closeness of each other. there were time when the baby fell asleep and his brother gently take turns to took care of him from his mother. his father was so happy and kept dancing around. the mother just put a smile seeing his over excited husband.

I didn’t really pay attention for the family for some time because we enjoy the music and the euphoria around us. there was a moment when some guys in black jacket squeezing around and I felt a hand try to reach my pocket. fortunately, I was holding my phone and he caught my hand instead. before I could do anything that guy already disappeared and I warned others to be careful. later on, it wasn’t only me, my friend and people in front of us also experienced the same thing.

in the middle of party, there was this guy who pulled a trick to get a number of my friend. after a long subtle refusal, the guy gave up and introduced us to his brother family (next to him) and said that he would like to welcome us to their home if we are in London. actually they looked like a nice people, only this guy kinda annoying to my friend.

from our conversation to this guy, turns out there was another guy overheard us and wants to make a friend. he opened the conversation by introducing himself from Leeds. he came alone and wandered if he could join us. he also an overnight traveller but he took different bus. in short, he spent the rest of the event together with us.

it almost the time when I looked back to the Samuel and family. he already woke up and I tried to make a friendly conversation since I adore them. it was started with common topic. the father told me that they live in London, Samuel is 2 years old and the mother’s name is Vicky. a while later, he revealed why he was so happy that night. the mother was badly ill after giving birth to Samuel. he pointed out to the end of the bridge where there is St. Thomas Hospital located. as far as I noticed it was the hospital where Samuel was born and probably also where his wife got the treatment. It’s been 2 years since, and now the mother has healed. they came here to celebrating New Year’s Eve and also the mother’s recovery. I didn’t expect to hear this touching story. it was wonderful.

it was the highlight of the story before finally Big Ben rang the bell. it was fascinating, amazing, stunning moment. I was captivated in the unity of my surrounding. totally a moment of a lifetime.

it wasn’t that happy ending until our trip to home tho, but above all, I will never regret these memorable moment 

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I put this song as an opening of new chapter for this year. I don’t really satisfied with 2012, but there are some amazing moments did happen in that year. sad yet happy stories. well, what am gonna do right now is leaving all the bad things, and encouraging a new spirit to welcome any upcoming surprises life has prepared for me. keeping my fingers crossed for the new resolutions!

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I wish for summer come faster

I wish for summer come faster

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You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.
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And no matter what anybody says about grief and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken.
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well looks like I’ve been abandoned this blog for months. but it’s always feel good to be back. as good as re-watching some old movies. (500) Days of Summer for the starter, totally dig it. simply makes you pondering about your life, destiny and stuff. then move on to Bridge to Terabithia, one of my favourite fiction movie. bestfriend, lover and childhood imagination. sets in New Zealand, I totally adore the places they took for this movie. and the last movie for the past 7 hours, is The Man in the Moon. the first movie to introduce Reese Witherspoon. generally I love all the aspects from this movie— I don’t really happy with the conflict they’re having tho. but the places and the old days scene from this movie is endearing.

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